MTG Car Community:What is it?

MTG or Manual Transmission Genocide is a car community site that I am currently building.  What I am looking for is peoples love for engines and moving things to be the high-octane fuel that powers a community of enthusiasts.

The Plan

What I plan to do is expand this beyond this word press ‘blog’ format.  I wish to create a community site for car lovers to collect and talk about all about things with wheels.  There are many sites like this already but I have always dreamed of running my own. So if there is any chance of me having that, then that’s great. I am going to give it a shot and I am ready to receive hate for it. If you believe I have any chance or would like to give me a chance, please let me know. Spread the word. Publicity and traffic is what I need.

I essentially want to create a forum, but I don’t want it to look like a forum.  Forums are confusing and ugly looking.  I am going for something a little more stylized, like a Tumblr-Forum hybrid.

Where does the name come from?

The name MTG or Manual Transmission Genocide comes from an increasing decline in the popularity and manufacturing of manual transmission vehicles which are being replaced with automatic transmissions.  This site is meant to be more than just that though.  I don’t hate automatic though, I believe they can be convenient and useful for everyday drivers; however, I also believe that knowing how to drive a manual is important. Manual transmissions provide another level of attachment to the driving experience and also create better drivers as they have more respect and pay more attention to what is going on with the vehicle.

What Can You Contribute?

To put it plainly, I NEED YOU.  I need everyone who is even slightly interested to help me out any way I can.  I am by no means a professional web creator.  I have dabbled here and there in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but i just do not have the capability to build a site on my own.  Anyone who is able to build a site, and is adept in coding such things mentioned earlier please shoot me a message.  But here is the next thing, the biggest problem.  I do not have the money to spare currently on hiring web designers and coders and all that.  So unless this blog gets enough traffic for me to figure out how to generate some sort of passive revenue in order to build it up, It’s going to be very hard to get this going.

Another, much easier thing to do to help out would be to provide original, stock images of anything Automobile related to be used and featured in further posts.

If you are able to help out in any way or just wish to contact me, my Email is or, leave a comment.


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